Thing 2: Our first blog post

Hello! Welcome to our blog Also, When In Trouble, Cats!

We set up this blog principally to chat bollocks and waste time work towards winning some tasty badges during this year’s 23 Things, an initiative organized by Rudai to develop skills for information professionals.

This blog might also contain cats – not necessarily for any particular reason – and random rants – because we might find out we lack the ability to organize text in a coherent way (see? I’m doing it already)


Who are we?

We are Claudio and Charlene and we both work at the University of Surrey.  We’ve both been here just over a year now, having started on the same day doing the same roles, so we became buddies from the start, trying to find our way around campus and navigate a very packed induction timetable!  We have been awesome friends ever since!  *Claudio groans*

A little bit about Charlene:

After uni, I moved to Australia (quite some time ago now) and got a Masters in Fine Art and worked as a full time practising artist, before getting a job as a Library Assistant at the National Gallery of Victoria and studying for an Information Management diploma. In early 2016 I moved back to the UK and now find myself at the University of Surrey! Although I started as an Information Resources Assistant I am now the Information Resources Advisor for Cataloguing and Metadata.  It sounds impressive, but it really is just me googling Marc fields and hoping I don’t mess everything up!

When not at librarianing, I like to eat and have the odd existential crisis.


A little bit about Claudio:

I have done my graduate traineeship at the University of Essex Library and I have just started studying for a Masters in Information Science at the University of Borås (Sweden). I am hoping to find out exactly what kind of librarian I want to be in the next couple of years. Things that I like to talk about are: OA, DRMs, Interlibrary loans, Systems, UX. Here’s my Anobii profile (a cheapskate version of Goodreads)

When not librarianing, I play quidditch and boardgames


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